We are Delhi-based Computer Hardware reseller since 2007. We deal in used, refurbished,oem and pulled out Desktop processor, intel Xeon Processor, Motherboard, Power Supply, Ram, Harddisk, Barebone, Laptop and Networking, all work as new and it has same performance as new accessories.

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Some of our products and service details you shall get in our website mentioned as under.

Intel Used,OEM, Refurbished and Pulled out Processor
i3 6100,i3 7100,i3 8100,i3 9100,10100
i5 4570 4th Generation, i5 6400/ i5 6500 6th Gen processor,i5 7400/7500 Desktop used processor
i5 8400 desktop processor, i5 8500 refurbished processor, i5 9400/i5 9500 oem pulled processor, i5 10400/i5 10500 used processor,
i7 2600, i7 3700, i7 4790, i7 6700, i7 7700, i7 9700 and i7 10700, 1st generation, 2nd Gen, 3rd Generation,4th Generation,6th generation,7th gen, 8th generation processor,9th generation used processor, 10th generation,
Pulled out/Used/Refurbished Desktop Ram 4GB DDR3 and DDR4, 8GB DDR3 and DDR4, 16GB DDR4, 16GB DDR4, 32 GB DDR4 Desktop Ram
Dell,HP and Lenovo Motherboard,Power Supply,Processor are available for replacement.
Gigabyte h61 M-S Motherboard, WD 1TB Hdd,
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